Module Appraisal

This page can be used to get a very rough estimate of the price of abyssal modules. We'll use fancy machine learning algorithms in an attempt to give you a fair appraisal of your module.

The process is somewhat awkward since there is no "copy external URL" option for modules like there is for killmails. To get an appraisal, please follow these steps:

  1. Find a chat channel that is empty or in which you will not annoy others.
  2. Drag the module you want to appraise into the chat box for that channel to create a hyperlink.
  3. Press enter to submit your message.
  4. Find your message, then right click it and press "Copy" (not "Copy all").
  5. Paste what was copied into the text box below and press submit.

Once the service has downloaded the stats of your module, it will redirect you to a dedicated page for that module. If a price estimate could be generated for the module it will be displayed on that page.